About The Dawson Family History

I am a descendant of Edward Dawson (1893 - 1984). This blog will cover the descendants of James Edward Dawson (1855 - 1922) and the direct lineage to John Dawson (1640-1713).

I began my interest in the Dawson history after the birth of my first child. My Aunt came over with her daughter's baby book and told me about the Dawson genealogy. Even as a child, whenever I would complain about my large nose she would say I should be proud of my Dawson heritage.

After reading Dewey's paper in 1985, I was fascinated by the richness of our history. When my mother passed away I realized how little I had documented of my family history and started researching while my memories were fresh.

I spent hours scrolling through microfiche and old dusty books at the Fort Wayne library. I drove to Milford and Monroeville to find documents and tombstones. I sent for death certificates and got copies of marriage certificates.

We have come a long way in a few years. Now, most of this information is available online from the comfort of your home. My goal is to encourage the younger generation to be proud of their heritage and make the information easily available.

If you have any questions or would like to provide any information please leave a comment. Thanks

Brenda Dawson


  1. I am a long time Dawson researcher and am very interested in where the baptismal date for John Dawson came from. There was a John Dawson baptized at that time but there were several other John Dawson's baptized around the same time in other places. How did this John in England get tied to "our" John in Maryland? I've seen no logic layed out making the connection. Any help will be appreciated. Wayne Dawson

  2. The information is from One World Tree on Ancestry.com.